Coronavirus: Our steps to help limit the spread of COVID-19

As a responsible employer we have implemented the following steps in all of our sites to help keep our staff and customers safe. The steps below form our COVID-19 Risk Assessment:

  • MAXIMUM OF 6 PEOPLE PER PARTY: It is now against the law for anyone to meet in a party of more than 6 people both inside and outside of a public place. We have a requirement under law to ensure that parties that attend our pubs comprise of 6 people or less. We have to turn you away if you present yourselves as a party of more than 6.

  • TRACK & TRACE: All guests will be required to leave their name, telephone number, postcode and time of arrival when they enter the building. This is so we adhere to the law on Track & Trace. We require your postcode to ensure you are not visiting us from an area which has enhanced social restrictions in place. Any guest failing to provide these contact details - which is now a requirement in law - will not be able to enter the building.

  • ONE WAY IN, ONE WAY OUT: We have introduced separate entrances and exits so guests to do come into face-to-face contact with others. Please respect the way in and way out for yours and others safety.

  • SANITISER: We require all guests to sanitise on entry, and we actively encourage guests to use sanitiser throughout their visit. It's free and it's provided for your safety - so please use it.

  • TABLE SERVICE: We operate table service now in all sites. When you arrive, you will be shown to a table. Please remain seated during your stay and we will come to you for your food and drink orders.

  • SPACED TABLES: Most of our pubs look a little different as we have had to remove tables to ensure social distancing of 2 metres. Please do not move the furniture - it has been placed for your safety and the safety of others.

  • VENTILATION: Doors and windows will be open to ensure good air flow. On cooler days we will put our heating on but these doors and windows must remain open. Please do not close windows or doors yourself - staff have been instructed to reopen them if you do so.

  • FACE COVERINGS: It is now the law to wear face coverings as you enter the building, as you are leaving the building and as you move around the building, for example, to visit the bathroom. All customers are required to wear a face covering when being shown to/leaving their table. Customers with valid exemptions will be asked to provide evidence as they enter. Our staff can refuse entry if a face covering is not worn.

  • ENHANCED CLEANING: We regularly clean our pubs throughout the day and have increased the frequency of cleaning within washroom areas and critical contact points (such as door handles, etc.). 

  • LIMITS TO TOILET ACCESS: Only 2 people should be in a toilet at one time. Whilst multiple cubicle are still in use, urinals that are closer than 2 metres have been closed off. Please remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds under warm water after each visit to the toilet.

If you see anything that doesn't seem right, we'd like you to alert us in the first instance so we can put it right. Please email your concerns to